Thankful for the instruction and inspiration you provide…

I rarely send these types of emails, but I just needed to say Thank You. For the inspiration you provide in your videos, as well as the fabulous products you developed (or helped develop?)

I initially got into turning because I was interested in working with resin. Specifically, I wanted to make dragon eggs, a decorative hybrid of wood and resin. After making several dozon of those, I wanted to try making a bowl. Frankly, I was a little scared of it at first, visions of it flying off and smacking me in the head, regardless if wearing a face shield or not. But after making my first one, I fell in love with making bowls. I now do a lot of glue-ups, and still do a lot of resin/wood work, but mostly I’m focused on bowls.

One of the hardest things about woodturning is the finish. I have watched so many videos, with so many finishing solutions. But them I happened upon 2 products, your products, that really turned things around for me. First, the pre-thinned cellulose sanding sealer. I had tried t thin Myland’s Cellulose Sanding Sealer a few times, and just never hit upon the right mixture. Then I tried your pre-thinned sanding sealer, and it worked amazingly. I also started using your Hampshire Sheen High Gloss Paste Wax, and my finishes have never been better.

I’ve also experimented around with the Intrinisc Colour Collection, and while I haven’t gotten the spectacular results you’ve gotten yet, I’m still experimenting and trying to find the technique that works for me.

So Martin, thank you. Thank you for your wonderful videos, your spectacular products, and the inspiration you provide to hundreds if not thousands of turners out there.

Joe Sheble
Phoenix, Arizona – USA

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