Superb Webinars/Web-Based Demos

I have now attended 4 of Martin’s web-based demos. Every one was extremely well done.

While Martin’s woodturning skills are beyond question, I was totally impressed by his ability to teach. Each webinar was well structured. He has developed excellent graphics and uses them to reinforce key points in the demos. He schedules regular breaks during the demos to handle Q&A. Martin’s explanations and the way he manages the Q&A sessions clear up any confusion on the part of the attendees. Finally, his informal style of teaching makes the attendee feel like s/he are conversing with a friend rather than a teacher. As a result, the knowledge transfer is not only easy, it is very enjoyable. All-in-all, Martin’s ability to teach is superb.

Something that may not be apparent to the casual observer is Martin’s mastery of technology. His lighting, camera angles and integration of graphics at the touch of a button, make the webinar almost as good as attending the demo in person. Lastly, Martin’s preparation and setup for each webinar must take a tremendous amount of time. Each demo is superb. The integration of Martin’s instruction, graphics, and hands-on techniques is so smooth and transparent the attendees can hardly imagine the work that goes in to each.

In short, I would like give a “tip of the hat” to Martin on a job very well done!