How come I knew so little?

Watched a demonstration on Saturday by Martin, last in a trilogy about glass like finishes. I have been hobby turning for three years, self taught, and I thought I had the basics sorted. How wrong could I be? Watching the demonstration showed me first of all why my finishes were poor, but secondly and more importantly there was so much additional information. Little things from how and when to change the angle of the chisel, why cloths were a safety hazard and how to work the sanding tools correctly.
I took notes because I couldn’t keep all of the additional information in my head when there was more coming thick and fast. I wanted to make sure that this demo wasn’t a one-off so I had a look at how to use the ProEdge Sharpener. No one had ever advised me what the triangle bit was for, didn’t know that there was an extra long cylinder, I had been provided with the single hole one which didn’t work for the fingernail profile.
Martin has a lot of demonstrations on YouTube which I will be watching and taking notes from. It shows tremendous generosity and the way Martin works that as a professional turner gives his time, knowledge and advice to so many hobby turners. Thank you, now I have a bowl to watch being coloured.