Hi Martin, since the start

Hi Martin, since the start of your live demos started I have been highly impressed and very much enjoyed the way you present the demo in a relaxed informal and very informative manner, even when things don’t go as planned, but that is part of the fun, it takes a lot to pry me from my usual TV ritual on an evening and weekend, that is not the case with your demos though, I look forward to seeing them and if needed ask a question or two, the Q&As are also very interesting as there are many different questions relating to many aspects of turning, so we are all learning from each others questions, you must be very proud of yourself to have achieved as much as you have in woodturning in such a short time, from the hampshire sheen productions to your teaching and demos, I think you have gathered quite a well knit family of turners with these live demos, so long may they continue beyond the lockdown, congratulations and very well done, I very much appreciate your hard work and support.