Hi Martin. After a 15

Hi Martin. After a 15 year absence from the lathe I’ve returned to it since Christmas. I was self taught using Keith Rowley’s book…….that was before CDs and Videos were rare! So finding you on U Tube at the beginning of lock down was a breath of fresh air: some of those yanks don’t half bang on! There are some good ‘uns but you need to be selective. I’ve enjoyed many of your clips. I was looking forward to the Live beginners finishing, which you Had to cancel but the Finishing Excellence was great and very informative. Hope to pop and see what you’re up to tomorrow but I have a piece of walnut on the large which was blown down on our farm over 20 years ago and is now destined to be a pepper mill! ? Love wood, love it even more if I know the providence! Thank you for the inspiration, I’ll be keeping an eye out for you. Stay well, stay healthy and stay sane during these challenging time! Best wishes Charlie in Co Waterford