Good learning from a great delivery.

As a complete newbie to the world of turning, discounting a bowl made 40 plus years ago at school, this was a session approached with a fresh note pad and an open mind.

The pre-session admin was very efficient.

The session itself was very well structured with multiple cameras set up to ensure clear views of the action, along with well produced graphics to illustrate the matters under discussion.

The main highpoint was Martins teaching style. Well paced, clear, and detailed without being overwhelming. Very focused on establishing, and reinforcing, safe working practice. Careful choice of camera viewpoint ensured that the practical demonstrations were observed from the best angle, in many cases better than you could safely get if you were physically present!

The use of an intermediate facilitator ensured that all questions were answered, with many taken and the answer practically demonstrated.

Martins very matter of fact approach, and his openness about tools not often used and areas that he did not actively work in, only added value, and reinforced the need to be ‘skills aware’ when working around the lathe. One of the key safety messages “If you are not sure, Stop” resonated with many of the audience who were also new to the lathe.

All in all, from first contact, through delivery, and in follow up, a really comfortable learning experience, delivered in a relaxed, efficient and easily assimilated style.

Thank you Martin