I always like to watch

I always like to watch Martin’s demonstrations as they are full of information. Martin explains everything in full detail and if you don’t get it the first time he will go over it again. He also answers every question in the Zoom meetings. I think there is a lot of work before and after a […]

Excellent bowl turning IRD

A very informative and entertaining evening on the bowl turning IRD. Excellent graphics accompany the real thing so you can really see the tool presentation. Session was around 3 hours, the time flew by, with Martin’s knowledge and passion for turning obvious throughout. Many thanks Martin and your wife.

Martins Bowl turning IRD

As usual this was a very professional demonstration and went through all aspects of turning a standard bowl. Tool presentation was especially well covered and gave me areas on which I can improve As ever the camera work was exceptional

I enjoyed the demonstration as

I enjoyed the demonstration as I do all of yours, you are always accommodating of people of different skill levels and styles. In particular the camera showing a close up of the workpiece allowing us to see the gouge as you make a cut was great. it allowed us to follow the action, so to […]

Bowl Turning Improvers Zoom Demonstration

Martin Saban-Smith is an outstanding, natural and professional woodturning demonstrator. His passion is turning bowls and all that it entails – which is extensive. His technical skills and his innate ability to convey the right message to the appreciative audience of enthusiastic woodturners across the globe, is second to none. He pioneered the importance of […]

Bowl Turning IRD on 2nd August

What an excellent demo last night. Great graphics and some very useful tips on solving hollowing problems. Martin has the remote demo down to a fine art with his array of cameras.

Live demo

I really enjoyed the demonstration Martin and in particular the techniques you illustrated for shipping the ball both outside and inside. I have tried this technique holding the ball gouge lower than normal and it proved to be a significant improvement on my previous attempts at cutting bowls. This alone would you pay for the […]

Improving my Bowl Turning

I very much enjoyed the demonstration last night. The camera views and the pace of the demo, to my mind were very good indeed and very good value for money. I was kept both informed and entertained for the entire time. If the demonstrations going forward are laid out in the same format I’ll definitely […]

The bowl turning demonstration was

The bowl turning demonstration was brilliant.Even for those of us with a reasonable amount of knowledge,it was a reminder of the bad habits we can slip into,when it comes to tool control.Thank you Martin.

Improving bowl turning

A fantastic demonstration from Martin as always, very thorough and explains every thing perfect from start to finish.