The Tools I Use E2: Lathes – Vicmarc VL300 and Axminster 2030 (AP508WL)

In episode two of ‘The Tools I Use and Why I Use Them’, I give you the lowdown on my reasons for using my two lathes – a Vicmarc VL300 and an Axminster Trade 2030. For information on these lathes, follow these links: Vicmarc VL300: Axminster 2030: that since I purchased the lathe, […]

A Demo Trip to Denmark

Back at the tail end of October, I had the pleasure of travelling to Denmark to meet Rene Normann who owns Traedrejerbutikken in Odense. Visit the website at Whilst in Denmark with Rene, we were exhibiting at the Kreative Dage event in Fredericia on one of the islands, not to far from Odense where Rene’s […]