A Demo Trip to Denmark

Back at the tail end of October, I had the pleasure of travelling to Denmark to meet Rene Normann who owns Traedrejerbutikken in Odense. Visit the website at www.traedrejerbutikken.dk.

Whilst in Denmark with Rene, we were exhibiting at the Kreative Dage event in Fredericia on one of the islands, not to far from Odense where Rene’s shop is located.

The flight to Copenhagen was comfortable, on time and packed solid with passengers. From there, I needed to catch a train from the airport to Odense which was delightful. The train was large, comfortable, on time and every passenger had a designated seat. The service was better than here in the UK, I think! We could learn something, I’m sure.

After arriving in Odense, there was a short walk to the comfy hotel that Rene had arranged for me to stay in. Later, we met up for dinner and a drink before retiring for an early start.

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The journey from Odense to Fredericia was about an hour each way and with Rene and I comparing our cultures, the time passed quickly.

Once at the exhibition centre, I was astonished at the size of it. Later, I was told that this event is one of the biggest maker events in Scandinavia. Every craft you can think of had at least one representative attending. There was woodworking, ceramics, lots of fabrics, metal work, resins, beading, sewing, artist supplies and well, just everything!

Demonstrating on Rene’s stand, I was treated to his own brand of lathe which was superb to use. Solidly built with a powerful and quiet motor, I set to work turning and demonstrating woodturning and the use of the Hampshire Sheen finishes.

I spoke to many of the visitors who could speak superb English so communication was largely not a problem at all. There were so many questions asked about me, the products and turning in general that at times, there was more talking than turning being done. Everyone was extremely polite and perhaps a little surprised to have a foreigner demonstrating at the show.

One very special moment was when Frederick and Benny arrived at the stand wearing their Woodturning360 membership pins. They had travelled across the country to visit the show, meet me and pick up some Hampshire Sheen supplies from Rene.

It was such a pleasure to meet them both in person having seen them in our club Zoom meetings for the last few months.

Yes, that was very special indeed.

As a country with very little COVID-19 present in the community (and a relatively small population), masks indoors were not mandatory so that was a very pleasant relief from the restrictions we were (are!) under here in the UK. Hand sanitiser was everywhere to be seen. Most stall holders had some with them, it was at the entry and exit points, too. Plus, wherever we went in the evenings, sanitiser was readily available, and I am sure I also saw it on many street corners, too. Top work, Denmark!

All in all, it was an absolute treat and a pleasure to travel to Denmark to demonstrate for Denmark, meet some of the country’s turners and of course, spread the word about Hampshire Sheen.

There are plans for a return visit in 2022.

Here are some videos from the event . . .